Odisha Govt Initiates Steps To Launch ‘Ama Hospital’ Programme Under 5T

Odisha Bytes | Jan 04, 2023

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government on Wednesday launched steps for implementation of ‘Ama Hospital’ programme under 5T initiative to transform and strengthen the Community Health Centres, Sub-divisional Health Centres and District Headquarter Hospitals.

In a letter to all the district Collectors, Health and Family Welfare Secretary Shalini Pandit said that the state government has decided to launch the initiative for 5T transformation of identified hospitals as ‘Ama Hospital.”

Under this initiative, all Community Health Centres (CHCs), Sub-divisional Health Centres (SDHs) and District Headquarter Hospitals (DHHs) will be strengthened in phases. This will be started from January ,2023 and priority will be given on strengthening of First Referral Units (FRUs), she said.

The expenditure to achieve the target will be met out of the state budget, National Health Mission (NHM), XV FC, District Mineral Foundation (DMF) and OMBADC.

The transformation will be undertaken on four identified aspects – refurbishing physical health infrastructure (for CHC and above), strengthening basic patient amenities (for DHHs), improving service delivery, and quality certification of health facilities.

A committee will be constituted at district level under the chairmanship of Collector involving the CDM and PHO and tean and other line department officials to develop a customised plan for 5T transformatino of all FRUs. The Collectors were asked to submit gap analysis report along with the financial implication and source of funding.