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K. V. Pratap K.V. Pratap is an Executive Committee member of mm&P from Mancherial district Telangana and represents Telangana state. He is a lawyer by profession and has been dealing with various human rights issues in Telangana. He is also the President of Citizens Welfare Association, Mancherial Telangana and Chairperson CSNEHA Foundation in Mancherial.
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Munni Hansda Munni Hansda, a phenomenal women from the Kathikund block of Dumka district has spearheaded a revolutionary movement against mining and other ‘development activities’ in the Kathikund region. Joined the Jharkhand Ulgulan Manch which is a network of people’s movement. Munni Hansda has successfully led the Kathikund agitation against the thermal power plant proposed by Kolkata Based RPG owned CESC Ltd (Calcutta Energy Supply Company). She has been a struggling against the violation of Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act, PESA and other constitutional guarantees to the tribal people. She is an active member in mm&P representing Jharkhand.
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Rajesh Kumar Tripathi Rajesh Tripathi got involved in social work right from his college days. His work began as a volunteer with Harsh Mandar who was then serving as an Indian Administrative Service Officer in Chhattisgarh. He works with Jan Chetana Manch. He has been actively taking on issues of illegal mining, displacement, corruption, degrading natural resources and ineffective governance. He is an active member of the mm&P alliance and has been involved in tribal rights and in general land rights advocacy on various platforms.
Raju Pandhara Raju Pandhara is a social rights activist from Palghar District Maharashtra. He has been working on various land issue and land rights of Adivasi people and violation of constitutional rights of adivasi people.  He is also involved in lobbying with western India farmers and jointly working on land issues and destructive project, to save the land of farmers. He is associated with Bhumi Sena in Maharashtra. He is also one of the founder member of Adivasi Ekta Parishad.
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Ravindra Velip Ravindra Velip is a social rights activist and ward member From Caurem Village, in Quepem Taluk, Goa. Ravindra has been fighting resolutely against the avaricious mining that has been a major cause for destruction of the serenity of South Goa and also adversely impacting tribal lives. As a Panch he has been successful in organising the panchayat and the gram sabha against the illegal mining in Maina and Caurem villages. Ravindra has tenaciously fought the oppression of the mining corporations, the state and the judiciary and has been successful in putting a stay on iron ore transportation.
S. A. Azad S.A. Azad worked with several voluntary organizations doing social work, in Lal Kuan, a small village in the heart of Delhi state in 1999 to initiate work on education with children of labourers engaged in stone mining and stone crushing. As he started working with them, he identified that the workers in the stone factories died due to improper diagnosis of silicosis. From then on Azad began his work on Silicosis. He began a detailed survey and started involving himself in to campaign for Occupation Safety and Health. He campaigned intensively for environment and public health. People’s Rights & Social Research Centre (PRASAR) came into being as an organisation working to eradicate the occupational health problem in the area under the influence of Azad. Groups such as PRASAR, Delhi Forum, Toxics Link, Popular Education and Action Centre (PEACE), Human Rights Law Network and Centre for Education and Communication and some individuals have joined hands to form the Khan Mazdoor Adhikaar Manch. One of the first things this group did was to petition the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and demand compensation and rehabilitation from the Labour Ministry for those affected by silicosis, starting with the workers from Delhi. Azad has also been involved with the struggle of Od/Beldar community fighting for their land rights. He has also been working intensively on urban issues.
Sadhana Meena Sadhana Meena is a fierce grassroots activist from Udaipur District in Rajasthan. She is associated with Adivasi Ekta Parishad. She is Executive Committee Member of mm&P representing Rajasthan. She has been working relentlessly on issues of illegal mining, environmental degradation due to mining in Zawar Zinc Mines, health of women in and around the mining sites, rehabilitation and resettlement of the displaced people. She has represented mm&P at the regional and national level.
Siya Dulari Siya Dulari has been a key figure in the Dabhoura region of Rewa District, Madhya Pradesh working amongst dalits and adivasis on issues of natural resource rights, livelihood, nutrition and child rights. She began her journey as a social activist by teaching kids in the dalit and adivasi communities and empowering the women to form SHG’s. It was in 2007 that she along with her colleague Ram Naresh formed the ‘Rewanchal Dalit Adivasi Seva Samiti’. One of the landmark initiative that the Samiti has taken is the building of ‘Siya Colony’ which is three kms from the Dabhaura town. The idea behind such a settlement is that hundreds of families living in interiors of forest with no access to basic facilities such as health and education get a place to stay. The unoccupied government land can be used for the purpose of providing housing for such families. This has been taken up by Siya and she has been successful in granting such housing for the marginalised communities. The struggle is still on to provide electricity in the newly formed settlement. Siya has also been actively representing Madhya Pradesh in the mm&P programs.
Thamizh Iniyan Thamizh Iniyan is a social activist from Thiruvannamalai district in Tamil Nadu. He is Executive Committee Member of mm&P representing Tamil Nadu. His work focuses on the rights of farmers in Thiruvannamalai district. He is also actively involved against the illegal sand and granite mining in Tamil Nadu.
Umesh Rishi Umesh Rishi has more than thirty-year experience of working at the grassroots in Dhanbad Jharkhand. He has been working with the displaced and development projects affected people. He has been tirelessly campaigning for adivasi resource rights and labour entitlements through capacity and perspective building of youth. He has been at the forefront of social protest against illegal mining. He is attempting to bring effective attention to this widely prevalent social and environmental hazard that has the backing of powerful mining lobbies and political sanction. He is advocating on issues related to displacement and exploitation of natural resource. He has been at the forefront of fact-finding teams on various issues related to displacement and environmental degradation.

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