Protect ocean ecosystem, tap blue economy, says Venkaiah

The Hindu || Prakash Kamat || March 24, 2019

‘Initiate programmes to harness ocean reserves sustainably’

Vice President of India M.Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday cautioned against the further degradation of oceans and their ecosystem. He was visiting Goa.

“India should fully tap the enormous potential of the blue economy to achieve higher growth and initiate appropriate programmes for sustainable harnessing of ocean reserves,” Mr. Naidu told students and officials at the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) here.

Precautionary measures
“However, every effort must be made by all the stakeholders to prevent further degradation of the ocean and its ecosystem,” he said, adding, “Precautionary measures were necessary because of global warming, marine pollution and resource degradation.”

He also said that there is a need to develop technologies that enable deep sea mining, underwater vehicles and robotics, and the extraction of minerals from the sea.

“NIO should also undertake research and development of drugs from the sea. Focus in some of the ocean research areas such as minerals from the ocean, and energy from the ocean, can make India a global leader,” he told students.

Switching to his favourite topic of mother tongue and Indian languages, Mr. Naidu said that India, on account of its size and traditional culture and wisdom, managed to withstand attempts by Western colonisers to destroy its indigenous culture.

Unlike India, Latin American countries have lost touch with their respective mother tongues because of Spanish colonisation, he said.