IIT Kanpur signs Mou with District Mineral Foundation Trust to develop water and land restoration plan

Times Now || June 26, 2022

IIT Kanpur signed an MoU with District Mineral Foundation Trust, DMFT to start a water and land restoration plan on June 26, 2022 to help the district of Odisha, Angul. As per the press release, this memorandum of understanding has been signed between IIT Kanpur and DMFT as a large project and will use the institute’s technology expertise in assisting the restoration plan

Recently, IIT Kanpur, one of the prestigious and reputed institutions in the country, is known as a learning centre in engineering, science and several other subjects signed a memorandum of understanding with District Mineral Foundation Trust, DMFT.
Both have come together in order to develop a water and land restoration plan for the Angul district of Odisha which has been affected by mining. As per the press release which was released today on June 26, 2022, this is a project which will use assistance and expertise from the technology field and it will use landscape approach to achieve the goals to restore the plan.

The district, Angul which is in Odisha is known for its wide range of minerals like coal, graphite, China clay and various other precious and semi-precious stones. Due to the rise of mining operations in the district it has affected the biodiversity and water bodies getting harmful. It has even led to drainage issues as mentioned in the press release.
The press release mentioned that the project which is led by Professor Rajiv Sinha, will utilize all the modern technologies to develop solutions for the restoration plan. This project will also develop a comprehensive water platform which will be to observe using IoT sensors and the platform will also help in gathering data.
As per the press release, the water and land restoration plan project will be completed in two years’ time and will cost about 10 crores which will be given by DMFT Angul under Circular Economy initiatives of Angul District and United Nations Environment Program