Goa passes resolution to urge Centre to amend mining Act

The Goa Assembly on Friday unanimously passed a resolution to allow the state government to urge the Centre to amend a central legislation governing the mining sector, allowing the state to bypass a Supreme Court order that had banned mining since February. A total of 88 mining lease stand revoked due to the order, with the entire mining sector shut down in Goa. “It’s not as if other states are not suffering from the SC’s order. If courts start to decide the economic trajectory, there is no guarantee where the country’s economy will go, which is why Parliament is supreme and why Parliament should make laws when necessary,” Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said in the Assembly, urging the Opposition to take a joint decision in favour of the livelihood of the mining-affected families and the continuing loss to the exchequer. Read more

Courtesy: The Indian Express