Labour safety ignored at Rampal plant

The death of 15-year-old Sajib, a worker at the Rampal Power Plant site, brought attention to an issue that went previously unnoticed — the lack of safety gears and the unsafe conditions that the plant workers have to face.

Sajib, on Friday, was electrocuted during work, as he was not wearing any protective gears. Three others were injured when they tried to save him.

They were rescued and taken to hospital by their co-workers. No authorities concerned of the plant, however, came to their aid. Read more

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आदिवासियों को पट्टा देकर जमीन देना भूली सरकार, 18 साल बाद भी खेतिहर किसान नहीं बन पाए आठ हजार आदिवासी

जवा क्षेत्र के डेढ़ हजार गरीबों को बांटे गए थे खेती योग्य जमीनों के पट्टे, जर्जर हो गए भू-अधिकार पत्र, नहीं मिला जमीन पर कब्जा

रीवा. कहने को तो नौ एकड़ जमीन की मालकिन। भूख और प्यास मिटाने के लिए गांव की गलियों में लोगों के सामने गिड़गिड़ा रही हैं। आप यकीन नहीं करेंगे सरकारी सिस्टम का ऐसा जख्म की दो वक्त की रोटी के लिए जिंदगी से जंग लड़ रही हैं। हम बात कर रहे हैं डभौरा क्षेत्र के पुरवा गांव की दो बुजुर्ग महिलाएं छोटकइया और बडक़इया आदिवासी की।
जमीन के इंतजार में दुनिया से चल बसे 9 आदिवासी परिवार जिले के जवा तहसील के घुमन गांव के सुदामापुर गांव में 9 आदिवासियों को खेतिहर किसान बनाने के लिए करीब 81 एकड़ जमीन का पट्टा दिया गया था, लेकिन जमीन पर कब्जा नहीं मिला। पट्टे धारक के परिवार में मात्र दो महिलाएं बची हैं। छोटकइया और बडक़इया के नाम से सरकारी रेकॉर्ड में नौ एकड़ जमीन तो है, लेकिन उस पर गांव के ही लोगों का कब्जा है। Read more

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These are India’s richest lands inhabited by some of the most deprived people

More than three years after the Centre rolled out the District Mineral Foundation (DMF)—an institution set up to benefit India’s mining-affected people—life remains a daily struggle for Jhinki, a resident of Chhattisgarh’s tribal Korba district. The irony is that despite having an impressive Rs 674 crore, the DMF fund in Korba has done little to provide Jhinki and others in the district access to clean water, healthcare, nutrition, education or livelihood options. The plight of Jhinki is shared by many more people in India’s mining areas, even though the country has collected over Rs 19,400 crore under DMF. Read more

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India’s mining-based development: Economic prosperity hasn’t percolated to local people

A joint delegation of civil rights organizations, Samata and mines, minerals & People (mm&P) led by mm&P chairperson Rebbapragada Ravi and general secretary Ashok Shrimali met MPs of several political parties and minister of state of state for coal and mines Haribhai Chaudhary to apprise them of issues faced by the people in the mining areas. Text of the memorandum submitted by them:

India currently produces 89 minerals out of which four are fuel minerals, 11 metallic, 52 non- metallic and 22 minor minerals. Mining for fuel, metallic and non-metallic industrial minerals is currently undertaken in almost half of India’s districts. Post-Independence, mining has been considered as one of the main industries that generate high revenues considering that India is significantly endowed with mineral resources. In our country mining based development is considered to be directly proportional to economic prosperity at all levels — be it national or local. But that has not been the case! Read more


Assembly resolution on mining against SC order: Panel to MPs

Panaji: A delegation of Mines, Minerals and People met MPs across party lines in New Delhi and explained how the private member resolution passed in the Goa assembly will handover mining leases to the same leaseholders, who had carried out illegal mining till the Supreme court intervened.

The body is an alliance of organisations, groups and individuals which has a network in 26 states. Delegation member Ravindra Velip said the delegation explained how the proposed amendments will bypass Supreme Court’s two judgments and only benefit the miners, who carried out illegal mining.

The Goa assembly unanimously passed resolution on August 3 to restart mining activities, which came to an halt on March 15.

Ravindra Velip, member of MM&P said the delegation made the MPs aware about resolution passed in the Goa assembly to amend mining laws so that the earlier leaseholders, who were stopped from carrying out illegal mining, get to continue mining.

He said the delegation explained how the proposed amendments will bypass Supreme Court judgments and only benefit companies who carried out illegal mining. “The MPs were briefed on how a people-oriented policy can lead to sustainable mining. We requested the MPs to raise a demand in Parliament that revenue lost due to illegal mining in Goa be recovered from the leaseholders,” he said.

Courtesy: The Times of India

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