‘Government and industry take Adivasis’ land for development projects but ignore their interests’

The National Commission for Scheduled Tribes has been quite proactive in the last few months. It has prevailed upon the central government to withdraw orders that it thought “diluted” tribal rights, asked states to return “unfairly acquired tribal lands”, and reminded governors of their powers to protect Adivasis. Speaking to Scroll.in, the commission’s secretary Raghav Chandra explains why Adivasis in several parts of the country are upset with the projects coming up on their land and how the commission has come to play a central role on matters concerning Adivasis. Excerpts: Read more

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India’s new compensatory afforestation rules dilute rights of forest dwellers

In 2006, India passed a law, the Forest Rights Act (FRA) recognising “historical injustice” meted out to the country’s forest dwellers and recognised the primacy of a Gram Sabha (village council) while deciding the fate of the forests.

Cut to August 2018, the government of India has now notified the Compensatory Afforestation Fund (CAF) Rules, 2018 in which the Gram Sabha no longer plays a key role and control of over Rs. 660 billion, to be spent on afforestation, is given in the hands of the forest bureaucracy. Read more

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जान दे देंगे पर जमीन व पहाड़ नहीं देंगे

सरायकेला : जिला मुख्यालय से 15 किलोमीटर दूर राजनगर प्रखंड के घोड़ाडीह गांव स्थित पहाड़ को क्रशर के लिए लीज में दिए जाने का विरोध करते हुए गुरुवार को धर्मा हेम्ब्रम की अध्यक्षता में ग्रामीणों ने आम सभा कर पहाड़ को लीज पर देने का जबरदस्त विरोध किया। आम सभा में सात गांव के लगभग पांच सौ ग्रामीण जुटे थे। सभी ग्रामीण पारंपरिक हथियार से लैस थे। ग्रामीणों ने कहा कि जान दे देंगे पर जमीन व पहाड़ नहीं देंगे। Read more

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DNA SERIES: Despite ample contribution, Rajasthan fails to spend District Mineral Foundation fund

Even after collecting a huge amount around Rs 2,000 crore from minerals mining districts in Rajasthan under the most ambitious District Mineral Foundation (DMF) trust till May this year, the state has performed poorly when it comes to allocation and use of the allocated fund from the DMF, reveals a latest study by New Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). Read more

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Mahanadi Coalfields Limited gives nod to coal corridor from Belpahar to Lakhanpur coal mines

Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) has given its nod for construction of a coal corridor from Belpahar to Lakhanpur coal mines area in Jharsuguda district with certain conditions.The MCL management, in a letter to the district Collector, stated that the 4 km long coal corridor will be constructed after the land acquisition process is complete. He said an estimate of `43 crore has been prepared for the project of which Rs 31 crore will be spent by MCL while the rest `12 crore will be borne by the district administration from the District Mineral Fund (DMF).

“A policy decision on construction of the coal corridor was taken at a Board meeting on Friday”, CGM of MCL’s Lakhanpur area RP Gupta said.Earlier, the district administration had prepared an estimate of `50 crore for constructing an alternative road from Belpahar, Limtikra and Ghichaghat to Jurabaga. An estimate of `40.42 crore for the road was also submitted by the Roads and Buildings department. Read more

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