Call to include mining-affected persons in works taken up under DMF funds

Mines, Minerals and People (MMP) a non-governmental organisation fighting for the rights of the people, particularly of those affected by mining activities, will urge the Union and the State governments to involve people in the process of planning and implementation of projects and programmes being taken up utilising District Mineral Foundation (DMF) funds.

“People, particularly the affected, should be involved in the entire process, right from planning to implementation,” Ashok Srimali, general secretary of MMP, said here on Sunday.

“Irreparable damage has been caused to nature due to mining and people have also been severely affected. Though DMFs have been formed, the affected people have not been involved in the process of planning and implementation. MMP has launched a campaign all over the country, to create awareness among the people about the advantages of DMF,” he said.

“Planning process should start from the grass-roots level, after mapping the issues covering various aspects that would be for the benefit of the posterity,” he said.

After the formation of DMF in Karnataka, Rs. 1,220 crore had been collected from the mining firms till October 2018, of which the highest was from Ballari at Rs. 748 crore. The respective DMF have proposed 1,451 works estimated at Rs. 638 crore, while the expenditure has been a mere Rs. 48 crore.

Courtesy: The Hindu, Ballari, 17-12-2018

Odisha drags feet on DMF funds use, ranks 7th on project implementation

Odisha despite boasting of the highest fund accruals under the District Mineral Foundation (DMF) has turned to be a laggard state in implementing the projects.

Figures sourced from the Union mines ministry place Odisha at the top of the heap in DMF collection with the state mopping up Rs 53.64 billion (as on March 30, 2018). But in terms of implementation of projects under DMF, Odisha ranks seventh, with a utilisation rate of 15 per cent. Of the total funds accruing to DMF in Odisha, Rs 39.22 billion has been sanctioned. However, only Rs 8.16 billion of the overall proceeds has been utilized. Read more

Courtesy: Business standard

Giving Them Their Due

The District Mineral Foundation (DMF) was created specifically to give back to areas where mineral wealth is exploited, helping the state achieve numerous social sector targets. Simply put, the DMF is a not-for-profit body with contribution from the district’s miners. In Dantewada, home to the famous Bailadila iron ore mines, the DMF has created assets not seen in even so-called prosperous districts. The fully staffed district hospital is one such initiative, so is the education city developed at Jawanga, which has earned the district administration national awards. The district is using the DMF to even create livelihoods, from rearing of livestock to call centres. Read more

Courtesy: India today

FDI in mining sector: Don’t ignore displaced

Odisha has a natural advantage of availability of substantial reserve of varieties of mineral resources along with port facilities. From the very beginning of planned economic intervention, mining and extractive industries have been patronised by the State and the trend also has been continuing till now. Read more

Courtesy: Daily pioneer

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