1st National Level workshop on DMF/ PMKKKY on 18.01.2019 held in New Delhi

Ministry of Mines organized the 1st National level workshop on District Mineral Foundation (DMF)/ PradhanMantriKhetriyaKhanijKalyanYojna on 18.01.2019 in New Delhi. District Collectors/District Magistrate/ CEOs/ ZilaParishad, officials from State Mining departments, senior officials of other central ministries including Health, Women and Child dev., Rural Development and others participated. The main objective of the workshop was to discuss various issues to expedite implementation of DMF and developing strategies to address the challenges in DMF implementation, audit and reconciliation, improving PMKKKY guidelines, criteria for identification of affected people and areas, etc.

2. Hon’ble Union minister of Mines Naredra Singh Tomar in his address highlighted the notable turnaround in the mining affected areas after implementation of DMF/PMKKKY. He emphasized that the districts should have target based projects and should focus on timely deliveries and also increase the percentage share of fund utilization for bringing significant relief to mining affected regions and people. With the accrual of Rs 23,606 crores, DMF has ushered a positive perception about mining industry. Estimated accrual of more than 2.5 lakh crore in next 25 years in DMF and its optimum utilisation in implementation of PMKKKY has the potential of changing the landscape of area affected by mining and also change in the life of people affected by mining. This workshop is an attempt to showcase the developmental works that are being carried out in the districts and also brainstorm on the challenges incurred by districts in implementation of projects under PMKKKY, learning from success stories for districts for replication.

3. During the workshop, book titled ‘Transform Mining’ was also released by Hon’ble Union Mines Minister showcasing the developmental projects implemented in the districts and the funds utilized thereunder. It also showcases the best practices of DMF utilization in mining affected districts.

4. There were two technical sessions in the workshop to discuss various issues faced by the districts in the implementation of PMKKKY. In the first technical session, District Collectors from 10 districts presented the best practices adopted in their district for implementation of projects under PMKKKY. Also, Ministry of Health, Woman and Child development and Rural development made presentations highlighting ways of converging their schemes with DMF schemes. In the second technical session, participants from state mining departments, DMs/ CEOs / Zilaparishad from districts were divided in groups to share their experience and discuss on various issues such improving PMKKKY guidelines, auditing and fund management, etc. The team leaders made presentation on the outcome of the discussions. Discussions held during both sessions were highly appreciated.

5. The workshop on DMF/ PMKKKY, first of its kind, will go a long way in strengthening the efforts of the Ministry in enabling the mining sector to contribute its fullest to foster socio- economic development of mining affected areas and also contribute in the growth of national economy. These efforts will help the central government to further improve policy environment to promote best practices across all regions.

Courtesy: 5Dariya News