फंड मिलने के बाद भी नहीं खरीदे ट्रामा वैन:2 ट्रामा वेन की खरीदने के लिए स्वास्थ्य विभाग को डीएमएफ मद से मिल चुके हैं 45 लाख रुपए

Dainik Bhaskar | Jan 2021

स्वास्थ्य विभाग को जिले में ट्रामा वेन की खरीदी के लिए स्वीकृति के साथ-साथ राशि मिल जाने के बाद भी विभाग द्वारा 18 माह बाद भी ट्रामा वैन की खरीदी नहीं कर पाया है। ट्रामा वैन की खरीदी स्वास्थ्य के फाइलों में ही दबी हुई है। जबकि इस वैन की घोषणा मुख्यमंत्री द्वारा किया गया था।

जिले में मुख्यमंत्री के घोषणा को भी अधिकारी कर्मचारी नजर अंदाज कर देते हैं। जिसका खामियाजा जिले के लोगों को भुगतना पड़ता है। प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री भूपेश बघेल 5 फरवरी 2019 को पहली बार कुनकुरी पहुंचे थे। जहां उन्होंने एक सम्मेलन को संबोधित करने के दौरान जिले में दो ट्रामा वैन उपलब्ध कराने की घोषणा की थी।

मुख्यमंत्री की घोषणा को अमलीजामा पहनाने के लिए संसदीय सचिव यूडी मिंज ने जून 2019 में स्वास्थ्य मंत्री टीएस सिंह देव से मुलाकात कर बजट आबंटित करने का अनुरोध किया था। इस पर उन्होंने खनिज न्यास निधि से ट्रामा वैन खरीदी की अनुशंसा कलेक्टर से की थी। स्वास्थ्य मंत्री के इस अनुशंसा पर जिले के प्रभारी मंत्री अमरजीत भगत ने ट्रामा वैन के लिए डीएमएफ मद से खरीदी के लिए 45 लाख रुपए स्वीकृति दिया था।

पूर्व में ट्रामा सेंटर को लेकर हुई थी राजनीति

जिले में ट्रामा सेंटर की मांग सालों से की जाती रही है। भाजपा के दिग्गज नेता दिवंगत दिलीप सिंह जूदेव की पहल पर तात्कालीन मुख्यमंत्री डॉ.रमन सिंह जशपुर में ट्रामा सेंटर निर्माण करने की स्वीकृति दी थी। लेकिन अगस्त 2013 में उनके निधन के बाद तात्कालीन स्वास्थ्य मंत्री अजय चंद्राकर ने इस प्रस्तावित ट्रामा केन्द्र को राजनांदगांव स्थानांतरित कर दिया था। उनके इस निर्णय का जिले में विरोध हुआ था। शहरवासियों ने कैंडल मार्च निकाल कर इसका विरोध किया था। कांग्रेस और भाजपा के बीच जमकर राजनीतिक हुई थी।

वैन खरीदी प्रक्रिया में

ट्रामा वैन की खरीदी प्रक्रिया में हैं, प्रक्रिया पूरी होते ही जिले में ट्रामा वैन की खरीदी कर ली जाएगी।”

-डॉ.पी सुथार, सीएमएचओ, जशपुर

MLAs target admin on DMF projects

The Indian Express | Dec 28, 2020

All of the leaders are ex-officio members of DMF. The move comes after the administration did not respond to a letter written by Tete three-anda- half months back.

ROURKELA: Legislators of mineral rich areas of Sundargarh have accused the district administration of keeping them in dark on projects funded by District Mineral Foundation (DMF) and Odisha Mineral Bearing Area Development Corporation (OMBADC).

Five MLAs from opposition parties Kusum Tete of Sundargarh, Bhawani Bhoi of Talsara and Shankar Oram of Birmitrapur, all from BJP, Dr CS Rajen Ekka of Rajgangpur (Congress) and Laxman Munda of Bonai (CPM) have joined hands and decided to meet Sundargarh Collector and DMF chairman-cum-managing trustee Nikhil Pawan Kalyan over the issue.

All of the leaders are ex-officio members of DMF. The move comes after the administration did not respond to a letter written by Tete three-anda- half months back. Tete had urged the Collector to provide details of projects funded from DMF, OMBADC, 14th finance commission and other Central grants along with utilisation status from 2017-18 till date.

The letter, dated September 8, also sought details of upcoming projects for better monitoring. The legislator said four of her counterparts have expressed concerns over massive expenditure undertaken from DMF in a non-transparent manner. She said in October this year, the development of ‘Bijuli Bandh’ a water body of Sundargarh town, was undertaken at a cost of Rs 25.90 crore from DMF.

However, the MLA was not given information on the project components and procedures followed in awarding the contract for the project. Tete said there are several such instances of the district administration acting on its own will and it owes an explanation to the public. She said the Collector has agreed to meet the MLAs over the issue in a week.

Similar allegations were levelled by Bonal MLA Munda, who said he was not informed of the available funds under DMF and the total expenditure incurred on projects so far. Stating that a major piped water project was started without his knowledge, he said lack of transparency can result in wasteful expenditure, misuse of funds and sub-standard quality of work and corruption. The Assembly constituencies of Tete and Munda contribute a lion’s share of mining royalty from the district to the State exchequer of which 30 per cent goes to the DMF.

Dhanbad DC orders audit of utilisation of DMFT funds

The Indian Express | Dec 22, 2020

The order asks a committee to submit its report by December 26.

Dhanbad Deputy Commissioner Uma Shankar Singh has ordered an audit and an impact assessment of utilisation of funds from the District Mineral Foundation Trust (DMFT) for the financial years 2017-2020. A letter issued by Singh asked for the audit as DMFT funds were being used for “buying of water tankers (and) sweeping machines”.

The order asks a committee to submit its report by December 26.

A source in the Mines Department said water tankers and sweeping machines are “lying unused” and the manner of the utilisation of DMFT funds indicated “major corruption”.

As per the Mine and Minerals Development Regulation (Amendment) Act, 2015, in every district affected by mining-related operations, the state government shall, by notification, establish a trust as a non-profit body to be called the District Mineral Foundation.

Internal documents accessed by The Indian Express says that since the DMFT was formed in 2015, the total collection of the trust in Jharkhand was Rs 6189.4 crore as of November 2020, of which 2922.97 crore has been spent so far. They say that 66.79 per cent of this collection has been utilised in two districts alone — Dhanbad and Ramgarh.

In Jharkhand, the Drinking Water and Sanitation Department accounts for around 91 per cent of total DMFT amount spent.

According to the DMFT collections and utilisation data accessed by The Indian Express, 16,746 schemes or projects took shape under the drinking water category, which have around 32 lakh beneficiaries, with Rs 3,973 crore sanctioned under this category, of which Rs 2265.99 crore has been spent.

Under the sanitisation category, 17 projects have been initiated, which benefited 7.9 lakh people. An amount of Rs 480.20 crore was sanctioned, of which Rs 377.11 crore has been spent.

A PIL has also been filed in the High Court on the utilisation of DMFT funds on people affected by mining who do not have access to safe drinking water.

Collector Launched the Baseline Survey/Micro Plan of the Mining Affected People in Sundargarh, Odisha

Orissadiary.com | Dec 07, 2020

Sundargarh: Sundargarh, Collector Sundargarh Sri. Nikhil Pavan Kalyan has launched the Baseline Survey and Micro Planning Project for the six mining affected blocks of Sundargarh district, Odisha. The District Mineral Foundation (DMF) Sundargarh has been supporting this participatory micro plan and the baseline survey, which will be conducted in 185 villages in 29 Gram Panchayats in 6 blocks (Hamgir, Koida, Lahunipada, Rajgangpur, Kuarmunda and Kutra). Youth for Social Development (YSD) an expert organization on participatory planning, local governance and development has been designing the technical tools and implementing the survey and micro planning along with two other NGOs i.e. Sarda and Niyatee Foundation.

This is the first ever participatory micro planning and baseline survey in any DMF district in the country. More than 40,000 households affected in the mining areas will be surveyed through a mobile application and micro plan will be prepared with the participation of the people in the 185 villages. The micro plan prepared by the people will be presented in the gram sabha and approved by the people in the mining affected gram panchayats.

This is the bottom-up planning approach to understand the people’s needs and include such considerations in the DMF plan based on the provisions of the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act (MMDR), 1957, as amended in 2015, and the Odisha DMF Rules, 2015 (as amended in February 2016).

This intervention will help the gram panchayats to identify issues, needs of the people, prepare a micro plan by the people, for the people and of the people and those needs to be addressed, have been highlighted and capture the perception and need of mining-affected people in a comprehensive fashion. At the same time enable the PRI members and officials to conduct the people centered gram sabha and convergence between departments, by collecting relevant information and data from the ground and approval by the people.

In this occasion the team members of DMF-Sundargarh Sri Rasai Laguri, CEO of DMF, Sri Anil Kumar Kerketta, DIPRO Sundargarh, Sri. Sameer Kumar Patel, technical manager DMF, Mrs Munmun Dasmahapatra, Programme Manager, DMF and, team of Youth for Social Development and Mr. Bibhu Prasad Sahu, Secretary, Youth for Social Development, Sri Jeebant Kumar Project Coordinator and Sudeep Chakrabarty Coordinator and representatives of other two NGO partners were present.

NBCC signs MoU with Distt Mineral Foundation worth Rs 200 crores

PSU Connect | Nov 27, 2020

New Delhi: NBCC signed an MoU with District Magistrate of Angul, Sh. Siddharth Shankar Swain, IAS and Sh. R.N. Sinha, AGM, NBCC on November 27 at the DM Office. The MoU is signed for the various Construction Works worth 200 Crore, will be executed by NBCC under District Mineral Foundation, Angul.

Other officers from both sides also presented while signing the memorandum.

About NBCC:

NBCC (India) Limited is an Indian Navratna enterprise and a Central Public Sector undertaking that trades publicly in the market. NBCC acquired a 100 percent stake in Mini Ratna hospital consultancy firm Hospital Services Consultancy Corporation Limited (HSCC) from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on November 6, 2018. The organization acquired over 51% stake in Hindustan Steelworks Construction Limited (HSCL), a PSU under the Steel Ministry.

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