‘Blatant disregard of law’, SC orders demolition of illegal construction in Faridabad forest land

“The unfortunate and distressing consequence of this is that because of a complete lack of any concern for the environmental and ecological degradation carried out in the Aravalli hills by influential colonizers like the applicant and what appears to be a very strong mining lobby in Haryana, the damage caused to the Aravalli hills is irreversible.”

Enumerating the ecological damage that has been caused by this activity, the judgment also states that there has been acute water shortage and lake Badkal, once a tourist spot, has also dried up.

“It is not only the future generations that have to pay a heavy price for this environmental degradation, but even the present generation is paying a heavy price for the environmental and ecological degradation inasmuch as there is an acute water shortage in the area…

…In addition, what was once a popular tourist destination, namely, Badkal Lake has now vanished and the entire water body has become bone dry. What are the more severe consequences that will be felt in the years to come, only time and nature will tell.” Read more

Courtesy: barandbench