Amid Adivasi-Lambada tension, cops gear up for tribal jatara in Adilabad district of Telangana

ADILABAD: With the onset of Pushya masam, the sacred period for Adivasis, district administrations in the erstwhile Adilabad district, are on tenterhooks as the month witnesses a series of jataras, where Adivasis and Lambadas congregate in large numbers.Adilabad, Mancherial, Kumram Bheem, Asifabad and Nirmal districts are reeling under a wave of protests and clashes between the two communities with Adivasis demanding the exclusion of Lambadas from ST category status.

The period upto January 20 will see jataras and deekshas of respective clans organised across the district. The most famous among them is Jangu Bai Jatara. Jataras such as Gandhari Maisamma, Keslapur Nagoba and others will be held during month-long festival.  During this one month period, Adivasis do not consume liquor, stay away from other vices and spend most of the time in prayers. For Nagoba jatara, though it is predominantly a festival of Adivasis, Lambadas too will attend the jatara, where darbar will be held on one of days. The authorities are apprehensive that the situation might escalate if the two groups clash once again.

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Courtesy: The New Indian Express