52 children die in 30 days at MGM Hospital in Jamshedpur; main cause is malnutrition, says administration

Weeks after deaths of over 70 children in government-run hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur, 52 infants have been reported dead in last 30 days at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College (MGM) Hospital in Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur.

According to a report by the ANI, the hospital superintendent has blamed malnutrition for the deaths.

The tribal belt of Jharkhand has been long battling the problem of malnutrition among the kids. According to a report by the UN agency for children, UNICEF, 47 per cent children in Jharkhand are undersized and 42 per cent of them are underweight. The report was part of the UNICEF’s Rapid Survey on Children 2013-14. Read more

Courtesy: India TV