Gadchiroli villages to move SC against Maharashtra forest body

The 22 villages in the Brahmapuri Forest Division of Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra are planning to take their judicial battle against the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd (FDCM) a level higher. The villagers have decided to present a Civil Appeal in the Supreme Court under Section 22 of the National Green Tribunal Act, 2010 (NGT), against the orders of Tribunal’s Principal Bench of July 24 this year. Read more

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Opinion | When will India’s war on air pollution finally begin?

A recent study discovered that 35% of its residents want to migrate from Delhi

Earlier this year, when French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Beijing, he
looked at the clear blue skies above and exclaimed: “I’ve never seen Beijing like
this!” Macron was not off the mark. Ten years ago, the city’s air was so polluted
that the sun appeared to be a fading dot in the sky. Read more

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Air pollution harms a newborn more than an adult. Do you know how?

The deteriorating air quality in Delhi isn’t unknown to us. Air quality in the city continues to be “severe” and the smoggy mornings and evenings that we are exposed to is proof. People are battling the harmful effects of air pollution on their health on a daily basis, from facing irritation in the eyes to breathing problems. More than the adults, it is children, especially babies, who become prone to greater health problems due to pollution. Read more

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A picture of neglect: How bauxite mining has affected tribals in AP’s East Godavari

Environmental rights activist K Rajendra says that it is common practice in the region to take permission for laterite mining, but instead indulge in bauxite mining.

“From 2002, tribal lands have been snatched and the environment exploited. Such a ruthless exploitation of the hills will result in big problems in the future for surrounding villages, wildlife and tribal culture,” he says. Read more

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