कोयला नहीं अनाज चाहिए

A one-day event was organised on 26 February, 2023 to discuss the climate change and dirty energy with the banner No more COAL Network Convention. The program was held at Chanda more conference hall in West Bardhaman, West Bengal. Total 81 people attended this event from different districts of west Bengal. Rajesh Tripathi and Savita Rath, were the environmental Activists from Chhattisgarh and Odisha, who graced the event as Guest Speakers.

Adivasi people shared many information about their rich cultural surrounded and inspired by the nature. They highlighted tribal struggles to save the environment, forest and biodiversity.

Representatives from different social organisations presented their views on climate change and it’s effects from their field experience. Total 17 social organizations joined this Network as founding committee. Name of these organisations are listed below –

1. Project Affected People’s Association, 2. Bauri Samaj Unnayan Samiti, 3. Center for Social Activism, 4. Jaladarsha Collective, 5. Pashimbanga Khetmajoor Samiti, 6. Durbar, 7. Association for Village Advancement (A.V.A), 8. Shikaripara Sanskritik Parampara Samiti, 9. People’s Association of Progress in Asansol, 10. Hawker Sangram Committee, 11. Chakdaha Bigyan O Sanskritik Sanstha, 12. Socialist Front, 13. Kenda Gramrakkha Committee, 14. OBC Adivasi Dalit & Minority Ganamancha, 15. Murshidabad Building Construction Workers Union., 16. Deucha Panchami Gramsabha Samannay Hul committee, 17. Deucha Panchami Adivasi Janajati Bhumirakkhya committee

All the people together discussed and Planned the forward path of this network. Decision were made to increase the use of social media at the maximum extent to promote the No More Coal Network’s demands to save the world. The handbill was given by the preparatory committee for discussion on the convention stage, it was unanimously decided on the stage that this handbill will be printed as leaflets and distributed among the people. The No More Coal Network convention stage did not choose any leaders in particular. People who will take the responsibilities to forward the work, they will come up as the leaders of this network. Only Swaraj Das has been selected by consensus to manage the WhatsApp group and social media of this network. Leaders will be elected by the conference of No More Coal Network after one year. Every participant has taken the oath to make this call a success.