Press Release
November 2, 2008

Mining threats Development

Unless the perceptual change regarding development takes place mining will lead to destruction of Development says K.B.Saxena, Retired I.A.S. officer during the mm&P alliance meet in Visakhapatnam today. Mines, minerals and People (mm&P). Alliance concluded its second general assembly on1st and 2nd General assembly at Vishakapatnam. Around 200 participants from different parts of the country took part in the event. New Executive committee members were elected. Addressing the gathering K.B. Saxena Retired I.A.S. officer has thrown light on the way the displacement induced by present development is much more than the past. Earlier the mining was undertaken by the internal resources, the present mining is inviting the external sources which provoke exorbitant resources during mining and obvisouly provokes huge displacement. Which are unmanageable. The reason for destruction due to mining is not just related to mining sector alone. 

The root cause of the problem lies in the development. He suggested that the perspective on development has to be redifined and to be tuned in the favor of people. Speaking about the various existing laws and the forthcoming ones. He reminded that these are not in view of larger public good but are contradictory to the public good. The whole gamut of development is revolving around the land. And Land has become gold now. Often t mega mining is quoted as an instrument for development but unless we mend the mining development will be confined to a few. And larger sector of the society will be left suppressed in this process.

Since Independence around 6 crores of people were displaced. Out of which 50% are tribal, 25% are dalits and 25% are other backwards castes. And only 14% were rehabilitated. The Rehabilitation and Resettlement and proposed Land Acquisition Acts provide an eye wash’Saxena said

Rave Rebbapragada elected as a Chairperson of mm&P alliance
Ravi Rabbapragad of Samata was elected as Chairperson and R. Sridhar as Convenor of the alliance. The new National Executive members are Ravi Rabba Pragada, K.V.Pratap (Andhra Pradesh) R. Sridhar (New Delhi). Badal Kumar Tha.Nicholas Barla ( Orissa ). Bastu Rege ( Maharastra.) Ashok Chaudari ( Gujarat) Philips nary De Souza ( Goa ) Swaraj Das ( West Bengal ) Amit kar and Ms. Munnni Hansda ( Jharkand ) Yousuf Baig ( Madhya Pradesh) Ravindranath ( Assam ),S. A. Azad (Harayana).Umesh Joshi( Uttarnchal)Rana Sen Gupta( Haryana),B.T. Venkatesh( Karnataka).Lincon( Tamilnadu).Harish Patel ( Uttarpradesh).G.Satya Srinivas –Central Coordinator. The new members discussed the future course of action with general members.