Press Release

First General Assembly of mines, minerals & PEOPLE


The annual general assembly of mines, mineral & PEOPLE was concluded today at Anandwan, Maharashtra  with paying rich tributes to the martyrs of Maikanch Firing in Kashipur, Orissa which took place on 16th December 2000 and expressing solidarity with the ongoing struggle of the local communities  against the proposed mining in that area.  The Assembly strongly condemned the atrocities of the state agencies.

mines, minerals & People is a national alliance of organisations, struggle groups, communities and fraternity organisations which has evolved over five years of collective struggle as the single largest platform of mining struggle groups, affected communities, workers, advocacy groups, NGO’s, experts and technical institutions.

A 25 member Executive Council was elected by 250 delegates from 150 organisations representing 16 states to lead the alliance for the next two years. The assembly also adopted the constitution and evolved an action plan.

The four days of deliberations and sharing of mining struggles across the country from Kollum in Kerala to Kataldi in Uttaranchal, from Lanjigarh in Orissa to Saurashtra in Gujarat from the interior tribal and forest regions of open cast and underground mines, to the urban slums of migrant quarry workers and bonded mine labourers, the fangs of global privatization, liberalization and de-regulation became visibly ugly in these stories.

The delegates reiterated their resolve to fight the onslaught of profiteers both national and international to hegemonize natural resources and push the local communities to a state of impoverishment. 


Ravi Rebbapragada



For and on behalf of

mines, minerals & PEOPLE

Anandwan, Maharashtra